Our signature product received the prestigious 2015 / 2016 Expert's Laurel award!


The “Expert's Laurel” is a Poland-wide competition and consumer's advise program which emerged as a way to distinguish the best products, brands and services available on the Polish market. The competition is a way to win the prestigious badge of quality - “Expert's Laurel” - an award granted through a Chapter composed of academic scholars from the best Polish universities. The patronage of the competition is performed, among others, by the Polish Society of Commodity Science, while the organizer is the Institute of Management and Quality Development sp. z o.o. sp. k. in Katowice.


Experts assess, amongst other things, the quality of products/services, their market value, innovation and their compatibility with the needs of customers. The products awarded are those which – in the opinion of the Chapter – best fulfill the needs of consumers, positively stand out from the background of other products and services available on the market, are characterized by high quality, are original, interesting, and worth recommending to customers. The commission assess each product individually, talking over its specifications and performance in detail as well as its value and uniqueness.


On the 14th of September 2015, from among a reported 300 applications, the Chapter of Experts recognized “USBox Shopping Platform” with the Badge of Quality in the “Logistics” category. The platform gained a very high mark meaning the company introduced a service onto the market carrying with it a significant innovation potential.


For us, as the creators of the platform, supporting and implementing the entire plan from the get-go, it is a great honor and motivator for continued development and improve service quality. We hope that in the future we will continue to help new ideas exist, participating in their development and receiving joy from the success they achieve.

In the picture (L to R): Łukasz Sokół - CEO of Agendo Sp. z o.o.; Kamila Przeniosło - Institute of Management and Development Chairwoman and Andrzej Partyka Chairman of the Board of USBOX.
In the picture (L to R):...
Kamila Przeniosło - Institute of Management and Development Chairwoman
Kamila Przeniosło - Institute...
Andrzej Partyka, Chairman of the Board at USBOX.
Andrzej Partyka, Chairman of...