About us

We've been on the web technologies market since 2005, providing effective and competitive solutions in areas across the web. Our team is the support you need throughout the entire process – we've realized internet projects for a number of firms and institutions.


Our signature systems have been with us since the start of business – not only are the products we have to offer you constantly being improved on, but they are the same products we work with every day. As our company grows, we continue to improve and expand all modules. Based on the knowledge and experience of our team and clients, we constantly modernize our entire system.  This constant development is its main asset, adapting our system to an ever wider web.


The progress of our company is set for the global market – it knows no barrier and no distance is too far. Our designs are realized remotely – made possible by our support systems, which allow both sides to fully cooperate and give the client up-to-date information on the project's progress. In ensuring customer comfort, each project implemented is provided with a manager/supervisor to whom the client can turn with questions about the project.



Our goals:

  • High level project implementation.
  • The creation of efficient, optimal software, which will serve you for many years.   The software is aimed at aiding your firm's development.
  • Development, thanks to which for years we've continued to have a modern system, adapted to your actual needs.
  • Support of customers in their projects at each stage from quoting to implementation and development.
  • Creation of new products – bringing them onto the market. The products we continually create are realized in a precise way so that they all form a single whole and work together ideally. Yet individually, each one stands alone and is completely dependable.


Our company is made up of people and the systems we create ensure the reliability of our work.  The numbers say it all:



  • over80projects
  • more than10years on the
    IT market
  • over320dedicated
  • more than100modules available


As a company, we are able to realize established objectives and those that come along on a regular basis. We put emphasis especially on development in able to always be up to date with the latest trends and constantly work on their improvement. Our team works in accordance with the law and all ethic norms. We consider this the mainstay of a posperous business, set for long term growth.



You are sincerely invited to place your trust in us as we work together.