On-line applications

CMS, CRM and ERP systems

Our signature Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) products are implemented in the Imperial information system we offer. In applying our proposed solution, our platform, customers have the ability to choose freely from the above mentioned systems. Separately, each product is reliable and adapted to the needs of the customer - and, if the client chooses to package together multiple options, together they form an integrated whole.


The products we offer are carefully developed to fully meet your expectations. Years of experience and our ability to analyze numerous systems during project implementation have enabled us to focus on designing modern, professional solutions.


Our platform provides a fully adapted environment for implementing unlimited dedicated applications and functions that will help every business' development.


The products we prepared have been designed so that when combined, they operate as a single, compact system serving the many processes that take place in your company and easing work.

  • CMS class systems:
    • fast, comfortable content management,
    • complete control of service contents,


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  • CRM class systems:
    • create a central base for customer information, contact management, document preparation,
    • improve customer services and the flow of information, faster reaction to emerging changes,


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  • ERP class systems:
    • manage contractor, manage employee working hours, document circulation, bidding, billing, logistic services processing,
    • automation of repeat processes, flexible structure allowing all system modifications or expansion,


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Intranets and extranets

Our systems are characterized by effectiveness and are fully coordinated, which has a significant impact on internal communication within the company and improve the processes within. During analysis, we establish all important elements that should be within the ready system together with the customer, we discuss the rights and access of future users. The applications created allow for: the use of services such as internal statements, reporting, a base for documents, group or individual work system, customer support services. The systems aid easier and more effective management of the firm, automate redundant processes and have a direct impact on quickening remaining ones. They become the “place” of organizing, managing and presenting work. The software if fully flexible, open to updates or implementing new functions at any time. Nowadays, intranets and extranets have become a crucial tool for companies to improve work quality, its profitability and professionalism.

Intranet is a computer network limited to computers within a given enterprise / organization.


  • a thought-out architecture improving communication and information flow within a company,
  • maintain a clear division of roles and responsibilities,
  • fast access to current corporate standards and benchmarks, as well as files and documents utilized by the firm,
  • easy introduction of electronic document, information and correspondence circulation,
  • creation of libraries and information archives in electronic document form,
  • form, application, etc. completion and sending intuitively,
  • dedicated solutions adapted to user-expectations,
  • well-adapted layout,
  • adapted to a mobile version,
  • information back-up and reproduction for maintaining a level of safety.

Extranet is a closed computer network designed for exchanging information with business partners.


  • extend your business network to selected user-groups,
  • the ability to efficiently coordinate plans, projects and calenders,
  • connect any firm networks,
  • improve the flow of information,
  • strengthen your company-partner ties,
  • eliminate ineffective go-betweens,
  • intranet and extranet access from mobile devices (cell phones).

Partner, loyalty, and employee motivation programs

Loyalty programs are dedicated web applications designed mainly for marketing employees, tradesmen, logistics partners or loyalty partners. They help support sales and build long-lasting relations with customers, distributors or subcontractors.


Loyalty programs are one of the most effective sales tools providing a competitive advantage. Thanks to these programs, users receive rewards for brand loyalty – received in the form of points or rebates influenced directly by the growing transaction number.


We're able to design loyalty program systems for both international corporations and single agencies or offices.


Information can be sent to users as an e-mail newsletter. Users are not only rewarded for regular purchases, but also for recommending services or products to other users or for entering the program through another user.

  • increase sales, reach new customers, create a strong customer base,
  • gain clients or partners loyal to your brand,
  • expand your network of partners and sellers,
  • expand sales network,
  • automate partner services,
  • acquire client data and sales reports,
  • gain new customers and improve customer relations while building on current customer loyalty,
  • stimulate repeat purchases,
  • reduce marketing costs through better targeted campaigns,
  • lower sales costs through increased customer loyalty,
  • you're billed only on success (acquiring a new client costs you only in the event of a purchase),
  • extensive brand and product / service promotion (branding),

Dedicated systems – systems specialized to your needs

We created systems with a unique character, fulfilling the specific requirements of our customers. Building nonstandard solutions, collecting and formalizing structurally complex expectations are our favorite task. We're able to freely adapt our offer to all individual customer preferences. The solutions we introduce are always intuitive and adapted to the newest technologies.


The dedicated systems we create prove themselves perfectly in companies prepared for dynamic development, wanting to achieve a higher position and win a competitive advantage over other companies. At the beginning of each implementation, at the desire of the customer and after analyzing his needs, we create specifications or check already existing specs in order to correct and propose definitive solutions.

  • implementation of dedicated, unique systems,
  • expansion of existing products with dedicated solutions,
  • integration of any and all systems with new, dedicated solutions.

Facebook applications

Facebook is currently the most used social media site in the world - it is also one of the best portals for promoting your brand or product and focusing a community around your business.


The service itself provides a several standard solutions giving the ability to e.g. promote your fan page campaign. Facebook has also created huge potential for more effective and visible and custom solutions through its open application programming interface (Open API). This means that we can create any application according to your needs and expectations.


At the need of our customers, our team will create applications that work on the Facebook platform. The applications are adapted to the specifications of the orderer and ideally adapted to the platform both visually and technically.

  • acquiring clients through the help of the immense potential of the community,
  • sales through community applications,
  • creation of competitions to promote your brand and acquire new clients.