API interfaces

Imperial IAPI

In order to increase development possibilities, businesses utilizing our solutions are provided with an application programming interface (API).


The interface is an expansion of the Imperial platform, geared towards programmers representing external companies and having the technical knowledge. API enables the creation of applications working directly with our software and integration of apps already existing, allowing for the creation of additional solutions supporting effectiveness, cooperation and development.


The API structure is flexible enough to be integrated with any systems without any problems (we use proven standards for the exchange of information XML, SOAP, JSON, etc.).

  • integration with any external systems,
  • functions available for use in external software,
  • universal API for use in a number of programming languages,
  • management of access to the API from the management panel,
  • safety through encrypted protocol (SSL Certificates),
  • detailed documentation for IAPI (a complete list of API functions, description fields, errors, data response),
  • both a developer's (test) version and production version of the interface,
  • API requesting methods: SOAP, GET, POST,
  • data response formatting: JSON, XML.

API preparation

At the wish of the client, we'll prepare dedicated Internet APIs – delivering the right specifications for programs, data structures, class objectives or protocols.