Why choose us?

From concept to successful business...

Do you have an idea for a business, a plan for growing your company, are you looking for people who can help you realize your goals? Agendo Sp. z o.o. is a team of experienced people who will support you with their experience and will skillfully lead you through the next stage in realizing your plans.


Based on our experience and the years of prosperity for our company, we can proudly say that we've helped implement a number of ideas and thanks to us, a number of businesses both small and large have arisen, and we continue to support them in their development. Our company is made up of people who can not only give you the know-how and helping hands, but most importantly the energy needed to realize your own idea. We work endlessly to ensure our partnership with clients moves forward in only the best way. Every new project becomes our goal and together with our clients we create a synergy, believing that together we'll reach our goal faster.


We actively support start-ups, promote partnerships, and make our knowledge and networking available to you. Thanks to customers positively accepting our work on the implementation of projects, we become their support along the road to developing new ventures.

We improve the way your business works

Every company constantly uses dozens of information systems which all play a role in how its business works. The generation of reports, automatic invoicing, contacting customers and the creation of new products are just a few examples of using modern technology while conducting business.


However, a poorly-chosen system becomes problematic as it generates unneeded problems. Falling short on deadlines, miscommunication between employees and higher costs are just a few of the problems that can arise. Poorly organized work and the wrong systems cause more loss than gains.


Businesses wanting to expand often fail to realize how many overlapping processes in their companies can be optimized, causing an increase in productivity, decreasing employee work time, lowering costs and at the same time speeding up the growth of your firm.


Thanks to the new challenges customers throw at us, our team gains more and more new experience, enabling us to continually improve and fit our systems to met the customer's every need. The right system means streamlining how your business works and reducing costs. Choosing the right system, tailored to your needs and prepared for future growth is what every business must remember to do – and all said and told, that is the goal of our team. The systems we have to offer you are our signature solutions; they all form a coherent whole while each one impeccably works separately. By approaching each job individually, at any moment you can add a new element to the system, which wasn't vital to you before. The software created by our team takes into account a number of factors raising the level of communication and support during our cooperation with you.

We analyze, advise and train

Since our company began, we've implemented a number of projects in many different industries. With each new project, we acquire new ideas and solutions, allowing us to perfect the tools and techniques we use. We pay special attention to the originality and esthetics of our finished works.


We have the experience our clients want and we become specialists in each field they come to us with. We are able to mix and match miscellaneous channels of communication and perfectly match them to the needs of the client thanks to years of experience. We serve all those who want to work with us with experience and support. We analyze each project precisely, then we make our suggestions, advise and together with the customer create a precise solution.


On the basis of the analysis gathered, we create the project specification, which becomes the main pillar of a well-organized plan. We analyze any specifications the customer brings piece by piece, finding possible shortages, then present the client with solutions to get the expected outcome. Correctly prepared specifications are the basis of organized and properly focused work.


We provide user manuals for the systems offered as well as make on-line help available. At the finish of a project based on dedicated solutions, at the request of the customer, we'll prepare a manual for the finished system.


For user comfort, after implementing the software, we'll provide on-line training. This is an important element in the process of getting to know the system as the user is acquainted with the functions the system offers.


To acquaint our clients even better with the software they'll be working on, we provide a test version – always available and ready to use. It's a great way to practice and get comfortable with the system before using the target version.

We're with you the whole time

The priority of our work is cooperating with our customers and adjusting to their individual needs. Apart from the concrete solution which is our signature system, we also offer our clients the continued development of this business tool. Furthering cooperation, we help promote of the implemented project, allowing it to reach more and more customers.


By combining professionalism, engagement in the projects and creativity, as an agency we are able to use the potential of the companies we serve to the fullest and contribute to their further development. The successes of our clients are our successes, too - successes we reach together by taking advantage of the constantly developing web tools offered by Agendo.


Besides just typical commercial work, we aim to form the right relations with our clients to achieve the most effective level of cooperation. We get satisfaction in being able to take part in work which widens our knowledge and helps carve the way to the business success of our contractors. All the activities to further the development of projects we're involved in provide us with rich experiences and new knowledge, which we then utilize in implementing the next ideas.

A wide array of services

In order to implement our goal and the needs of our clients, from the moment our company was founded and began functioning on the market, we have vigorously expanded our services. We are able to boast unrivaled software ensuring not only our success, but the success of our contractors. We possess a wide array of services beginning from analysis, consulting, and document preparation through to the implementation of the most complex systems and finishing with futher development, promotion and optimization and hosting services. We are a company ready to handle every project. We implement dedicated applications, intranet, extranet, electronic circulation of documents and information systems, loyalty and partner programs, e-learning platforms, on-line stores, etc. We create the effective tools needed for you to develop your business in a professional way.


If we don't have the service you need in our resources, we take advantage of IT Outsourcing, thanks to which the client won't have to waste time looking for a solution on the market.

Our experience

We already have experience in the following areas:


  • Geolocation.
    We use geolocation systems to adjust contents based on location as well as to find points, measure distances, and other map based operations, etc.
  • Full text search.
    We prepare “BIG DATA” full text search systems.
  • Program integration.
    Symfonia, Comarch, dedicated Google Apps integration, Facebook, and many more.
  • Analysis / statistics / charts.
    We prepare even the most complex data analysis presented in a user-friendly form.
  • PDF generation.
    We're able to generate even the most complex PDF documents.
  • Online (e-learning) conferences.
    We implement online conference systems: AUDIO / VIDEO with screen sharing and recording. We integrate these types of solutions with our systems.
  • EDIFACT standards.
    We used EDIFACT standards in B2B systems.
  • Dedicated hosting (server administration / safety).
    Thanks to partners such as OVH or using Amazon Web Services – we deliver completely safe and effective hosting services.

We use only proven technologies




Software available immediately

Through years on the IT market, we've met the needs of our clients. We use the knowledge acquired in order to create the most effective solutions. We've made a large stock of software immediately available to you – giving us a competitive advantage and shortening the implementation time. We offer a full range of services connected to every step of planning, creating and realizing your business. We offer advice in constructing functional and modern services. Thanks to our systems being creative and optimized, we are able to fully bring out the potential of each company.


The effectiveness of our solutions is shown by:


  • Availability of products. see our products
  • Over 100 modules available – ready to install and use immediately, significantly shortening the implementation time.
  • Lower prices for ready modules – using ready solutions will lower the costs of implementing your project.
  • All modules are thoroughly tested and used by a number of clients – allowing us to continually improve and adapt to their requirements.
  • Our clients receive the most up-to-date versions, perfected by the experience of our customers. (Together with our customers, their suggestions and proposals for changes allow us to expand and modernize all modules. Thanks to this type of cooperation, updated modules are optimized and at the same time fulfilling their functions.)
  • At the request of the client we adapt our solutions and introduce their individual proposals.

A professional approach

The main pillars of our company are professionalism and well-organized collaboration with customers – above all else, these are the elements that represent the proper functioning of our business. We ensure an individual approach to each client and to the fast changing requirements of the market.


  • Analysis of the customer's idea
    • We'll identify the needs of the client, familiarize ourselves with their idea and general design, and strive to get as much information. We analyze the industry and competition.
    • We thoroughly analyze the customer's specs, apply possible corrections and then propose a tested solution. (In most cases the specs aren't consistent and aren't able to be carried through to the completed project. The client gets to know the realistic costs of the project thanks to the analysis and rectification of errors, which saves them from additional costs that would go along with fixing unforeseen and unnecessary elements.)
    • If the customer doesn't have specifications prepared, together with the client we will form a document that will be the basis of implementing the project – we create the concept together.
  • We'll create a schedule for the job – create an offer, give the implementation time and present a timetable for implementing certain modules.
  • Realization through special Project Manager software – the project is realized in specially prepared project manager software, allowing both the client and entire project team to always have control and insight into the progress of the finished work.
  • Every project has a developer's/test version. The client can stay up to date testing and seeing the true progress on their job. This version also allows the customer to have their say in and add information to the project, etc.
  • After finishing and testing, the production version of the project is made available for installation. The developer's version stays with the customer for testing.
  • At the agreed time we'll execute system training and make help and a user manual available.
  • Continued development – we won't leave you, you have our complete support – the warranty is your added safety.

Our work

Take a look at some case studies from our portfolio of web sites, information and e-commerce portals, etc. For most of them we continue to be their support, looking after their progress and functioning.


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