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Web services for Aged Sp. z o.o.

Web services for Aged Sp. z o.o.
“[...] we cooperated with Agendo in implementing the liebherr.aged.com.pl website. Some of the contractor's responsibilities included: creating a template for the service, cropping as well as implementing the prepared graphics, conforming the page to a responsive version as well as preparing many diverse dedicated elements.

Agendo met all the tasks perfectly. What's more, throughout the entire period of cooperation we received priceless support from the company's employees as well as much advice on the functionality of the website created. All of our suggestions and comments were taken into consideration. The Smart Imperial content management system (CMS) offered by Agendo proved to be very practical and easy-to-use, in this way fulfilling our expectations.

We noticed the expertness of contractor's services during the fruitful cooperation, as well as high competence, scrupulousness as well as experience of the company's employees in the creation of the website. We are therefore confident, that Agendo is a commendable contractor, who can fulfill a client's high expectations. For this reason we are counting on further cooperation with Agendo in information services.

Marta Dobrowolska / Director of Marketing

The purchase and import of merchandise from the USA - USBOX shopping platform

The purchase and import of merchandise from the USA - USBOX shopping platform
With pleasure I recommend the company: Agendo Sp. z o.o., [...] Moreover the preparation of dedicated elements, together with their analysis, are vital when conducting the order of commodities.

The services provided by Agendo Sp. z o.o. are of the highest quality, the completion time was suitable and satisfactory for this type of work. Throughout the entire implementation period we could stay up-to-date observing the emerging system as well as use and test it. From the beginning of cooperation we received support and priceless direction. The Imperial system offered by Agendo Sp. z o.o., which we use all the time, is intuitive, pleasant to use, and before all else, practical and worth recommending.

During the period of cooperation the employees of Agendo Sp. z o.o. demonstrated a high level of organizational efficiency, scrupulousness and experience in creating web applications and dedicated solutions.

Worth underscoring is the fact that the Agendo team displayed high initiative in modern, practical solutions, as well as completed the work on time and in accordance with the involvement. The creation of the USBOX platform, the only tool of this type on the Polish market, a tool operating with issues in the field of logistics, international trade, customs and courier procedures, was a completely new experience for the Agendo team and required that they became acquainted with and learned a number of new subject matters. The team proved itself perfectly.

In connection with this and with full responsibility I can recommend Agendo Sp. z o.o. as a modern and solid partner providing exemplary cooperation.

Andrzej Partyka / Chairman of the Board

Dedicated reporting and competence grading systems for industry

Dedicated reporting and competence grading systems for industry
[...] In 2013 our company made the decision to support our functioning with a modern information system with countless dedicated solutions. The realization of our plans was entrusted to Agendo Sp. z o.o. All work was preceded by earlier analysis, then we received completely modern and optimal systems. In retrospect, we've been strengthened in our conviction that we made the right decision, and the systems we use to this day are dependable and perfectly adapted to our needs.

We have been using a signature system of Agendo Sp. z o.o, that is Imperial and the modules included in it, since the beginning of cooperation. It is a tool which significantly improves the reporting and collecting of information regarding our industrial equipment.

[...] This is a professional company, providing full-package services. The people representing the firm, with whom we had the pleasure of being in contact, distinguished themselves through solidarity and experience. We are satisfied with the cooperation, which we will continue in the long run. With complete responsibility we can recommend Agendo Sp. z o.o. and the services they provide.

Robert Jedynak / Production Manager

Services for the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Polan

Services for the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Polan
The Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland hereby has the pleasure of recommending Agendo Sp. z o.o. as a reliable and professional partner.


The Agendo Agency has a qualified body of employees, who address each implemented commission comprehensively and with unusual creativity, thinking outside of the box of trite solutions. The cooperation between the Association of the Carpathian Euroregion Poland and Agendo Sp. z o.o. proceeded in a hassle-free and efficient way with each commission.

Summarizing, I recommend Agendo Sp. z o.o. as a company which offers original ideas and an innovative approach to each job they take, which always results in an interesting, effective end.

Monika Wędrychowicz / Manager of the Office of the Partnership, Information and Advancement Plan