Professional services

Integrated solutions

The solutions we propose are modern, integrated systems that combine with any other applications, systems, or functions we've created. Our systems provide advanced tools for the simultaneous management of various products.


The integration of any chosen applications as one, lucid whole stands as an exceptional solution for businesses set for development and having their different resources within one system. Thanks to integration, it's possible to optimize and simplify applications, having a positive influence on costs.

  • integration of your existing solutions and new ones,
  • a unified administration console to control all available functions,
  • the unification of policies in all areas of communication,
  • Interface API (IAPI) - allowing for the integration of our solutions with external solutions.

Project management and post-implementation support

Companies with services or web applications, or those thinking about acquiring them, must remember that this is just the beginning in giving the ability to exist on the Internet market.


The next stage is their development, focused on a concrete objective, completely controlled and set for success. An efficient management system together with an effective team can make that happen.


Our team will care for your every project. We offer project management services even after their implementation and at various stages of development. Our offer to care for systems is adapted to the individual needs of the customer.


We have experience in administrating IT projects starting from the idea through to its development. Every project has a chance to finish a success – the key to this is effective management taking into account its individual needs.

  • professional project management,
  • project development in compliance with applicable standards,
  • implementation and task control at every stage,
  • organized cooperation through the customer service system,
  • attractive billing model (hourly wage, cost for amount of time spent fulfilling the task).

Training and consulting

Our services for your business will include on-line training on our signature systems, introducing functions and consulting on IT solutions.


This on-line training is an effective way to improve employee skills at systems management; it helps to create a pleasant and professional work place by getting to know the systems in an in-depth way. For those interested, we provide complex consulting services on creating websites, the newest technologies and trends in the Internet.

  • on-line training on the signature system solutions implemented for you,
  • matching the needs of your company to the right IT product (with outsourcing if neccessary),
  • on-line training on a particular IT issue,
  • complete consulting on proposed systems,
  • preparation for on-line training on specific subjects according to specific customer needs.