We provide outsourcing services, i.e. complex information support. We offer control over the efficient working of information systems, we improve service quality and ensure the continuous availability of your company's facilities.


By choosing to cooperate with us, you will have more time on your hands by throwing your systems-related work on us and increase your safety from attacks by both internet sites and the internal network. In undertaking cooperation, we will determine a time frame of how long we will support your business. We offer complex service or work on particular elements.


In deciding on cooperation with us and entrusting your IT services with us, you are deciding on safe and reliable information structures operating in your business. Our services are implemented at the highest level, completely and complexly, and all costs are counted in the finished work.


At any moment our clients have the ability to check reports on work implementation and time spent (an hourly wage is a solid solution, reducing unnecessary costs for our customers and clarifying the cost situation).

  • the highest level of services, monthly report on the completed work,
  • quick help,
  • network and server administration help,
  • help in choosing the best IT solutions,
  • implemented systems support,
  • attractive billing model - pay only for the work completed,
  • safety from lost data.