e-Mail and newsletter marketing

We're offering you a professional e-marketing tool.  e-Mail/newsletter marketing is one of the most popular forms of advertizing on the web.  We've been helping customers for many years in maintaining relations with their subscribers and in carrying out successful advertizing campaigns, resulting in more sales growth.


With each campaign you carry out, you have the ability to receive a complete report with detailed analysis of the effects.

  • growth of sales results,
  • creation of any messages,
  • reports and analysis,
  • unique marketing base,
  • high targeting potential (B2B, B2C, sex, education, location),
  • high number of records: B2B - 2 000 000, B2C - 400 000.
  • attractive billing models - CPM, CPC, CPL, CPO, CPS.

Positioning and search engine optimization (SEO)

Our services ensure effective positioning – a high ranking position in the search results. We ensure safe, organic optimization and the effective backlinking structure for the effective positioning of your website.


In order to promote our customers' websites, we conduct a series of actions, beginning from analysis, the creation of an action plan, then the creation of the right backlinking sites. High positioning of your website is crucial, as it promotes the certain development and prevalence of the brand, which is followed by a significant increase in profits.


Customers cooperating with us have the certainty that we approach our work professionally. We help by offering our experience e.g. in choosing key words; we ensure support during every stage of implementation and offer very favorable and competitive prices.

  • stable position in Google search results,
  • increase brand recognition,
  • increase site traffic,
  • SEO website optimization,
  • correctly prepared contents on your site,
  • improved site function, technology-wise,
  • set the right page structure,
  • service version specially prepared for display on mobile devices.