Warranty and service

Post-implementation warranty period

All our products are covered by a warranty period, counted from the day of implementation. Because of this, our clients have the certainty that they are choosing a product which won't disappoint and will meet every challenge. Our consultants will try to solve your problem quickly and professionally. The warranty period we guarantee is not just technical support, but complete post-implementation help.

Warranty on newly implemented elements (development)

In the event of further software development and, for example, ordering new functions, we add a warranty period for the new elements from the moment of their implementation. The warranty period for each newly implemented system element is an ideal solution, ensuring lasting and safe development.

Extended warranty

All of our clients have the ability to extend the warranty on the product they receive according to their specifications.

Post-warranty service

After the warranty period ends we will never abandon our customers. We continue to support them as a partner, watching their product, updating it and continuing development.