Server, hosting

Server infrastructure and administration

We support the development of IT firms by remotely implementing server infrastructure for small and medium businesses. Through increasingly complex technologies, more and more often companies turn to us for services helping them manage and expand their backlinking structure.


The solutions we offer help optimize and significantly ease the activities of a company's backlinking sites. Beyond that, the implemented system enables full access to company resources from any area on the Internet (safe VPN connection or other safe solutions) and access to any work station in the business.


When configuring servers we advise you on what services would be useful in your company, how to choose the right equipment and how to react in the event of e.g. an emergency. Our services help to better take advantage of the resources in your company, simplify access to them and speed up management processes.


Implementing these solutions gives the possibility of faster and better-planned development to a high degree.

  • the design and implementation of server infrastructure for small and medium firms,
  • work stations with access to information viewable form any place having Internet,
  • increased access to  company resources,
  • increased stored information security, VPN secure, safety copies,
  • server infrastructure optimization,
  • administration panel for infrastructure (server, e-mail, etc.) management, simplifying management processes,
  • a flexible, IT environment always available.

Safe and efficient dedicated server hosting

We offer fast, safe and efficient hosting adapted to any type of software. In order to ensure services, we use the newest server rooms available around the world.


We use the dedicated servers of companies, such as: Amazon AWS or OVH, a partner of ours. Thanks to a backup system, we secure data – if needed, we can quickly get lost information back. The servers we use utilize the newest and most certain technologies, they have extensive and reliable infrastructure, guaranteeing their effectiveness and development ability.

  • fast, safe and effective hosting utilizing dedicated servers,
  • proven, trustable server rooms,
  • SSL security and certificates,
  • guaranteed technical support.