Creative services, FrontEnd

Brand identity

Brand identity is an offer serving to create an image for your brand which will help your company stand out from among the competition.


We offer clear, coherent brand identity services consistent with current trends. In doing the job and in accordance with the needs of the customer, we prepare all the necessary elements needed to present the brand.


We present brand identity principles in both a traditional and electronic book form, presenting the application of graphic elements in a way right for each particular situation. The book also features poorly-applied graphic elements. All the information found in the book is aimed at creating positive and professional branding.


If your brand already has its own image, we offer our support in re-branding.

  • your own, unique logo suited to the market,
  • coherent looking identity elements: company colors, typography and fonts, business cards, company documents, envelopes, building signage, company gadgets, etc.,
  • examples of both good and bad branding,
  • book of logos,
  • refresh your brand – re-branding.

Graphic design

We'll create graphic designs for any kind of web service, on-line store, application, platform, etc.


Our offer is not only to help complete a graphic design for existing branding, but also to start from a “blank slate”. Working on our projects, we take special care in ensuring the image transfer is in harmony with the contents.


In designing new graphics, at first we familiarize ourselves with customer expectations, then in continuing the design, we constantly keep its future target audience, end goals and usability in mind.


On the basis of the analysis we compile, we design a user interface (UI), applying the best use of space for its future users.


Our company has its own team of passionate people whose favorite task is creating graphic designs, which brings them great satisfaction and for them getting to know more and more of the newest trends is a true passion.

  • graphic designs individually suited to the exact needs of the customer,
  • graphic designs adapted to the newest technologies and internet norms,
  • a UI project is drafted before working on the graphic design.

User interface (UI) design

We have the experience you need in designing and optimizing user interfaces. We'll prepare interfaces generally conforming to the rules work ergonomics – optimal placement of formula fields, offer elements, the most important information, or advertizements giving the greatest ratio of clicks.


We create ergonomic screen application interfaces for desktops, tablets and smartphones. A well-done interface is a key element of every service or application. Ease of use, comfort, and the speed of completing repeat tasks depend on it.


In designing interfaces we're guided by three principles: user comfort, versatility and an effective look. All our emerging screen graphics are increasingly intuitive and at the same time modern and friendly for all users on various devices.

  • moden, intuitive interfaces,
  • UI designs based on the rules of work ergonomics,
  • interfaces adapted for all stationary and mobile devices,
  • interface optimization for multi-task performance.

Front end and responsive web design (RWD)

Based on the graphic design, we'll prepare an object code interpretted for web browsers in any standard (default HTML5, CSS3).


The front ends we create are adapted to both stationary and mobile devices – completely responsive, i.e. adapts itself to all device resolutions. Our customers don't have to worry about what resolution their users will have on their devices nor worry about if a new display resolution appears.


We stand for speed, quality and modernity. Taking advantage of the possibilities internet technologies give us, we look for the best solutions every time, offering customers the highest quality service – professional and intuitive with guaranteed reliability.

  • modern front end adapted to mobile devices (regardless of resolution),
  • object code prepared for internet browsers using any standard default (HTML5, CSS3, JS),
  • front end perfectly imitating the graphic design – effective front end with animations in Java Script without Flash,
  • code optimization for web browsers,
  • comfort of use on any device.