On-line stores

We deal with the complex creation of internet stores. We can offer you a platform giving limitless possibilities, a fully flexible offer with proven solutions and the possibility of introducing dedicated solutions. The platform is already utilized by demanding and rapidly developing customers, whose development is, to a large part, based on the abilities of our software.


Our system supports the entire process from displaying attractive product offers, through the ordering process and billing, to filling a complaint. Already waiting for you to use are ready integration with payment, product comparison tools (e.g. Ceneo) and on-line auctions (e.g. Allegro). The platform has an adaptable product stockroom, allowing you to oversee their quantities and needs.


All the functions and solutions presented are already ready, proven and consistently updated, meaning the time you have to wait for your product is significantly shorter. We offer a year of free technical support and system service or configuration support for every implementation.

  • stores adapted to the customer's needs,
  • a flexible system set for development through service expansion, dedicated solutions at any time,
  • an easy, intuitive service and a user-friendly panel, easing purchasing for users,
  • user accounts,
  • automatic invoicing system
  • customer PDF invoices available from the website,
  • integration with any payment systems, on-line auctions, product comparison sites,
  • limitless amount of categories and products,
  • product stock room inventory,
  • order history,
  • multi-currency services.


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B2B platforms

Nowadays a number of companies can competently take advantage of their resources and the possibilities provided by the Internet, letting their development rapidly grow upwards. Together with the growth of their business and the increasing amount of information, come new partners and collaborators. In order for companies to be able to keep control of and improve their work they implement more and more of the newest and most specialized systems, which often work as individual products, unfortunately causing the dispersion and ineffective flow of data.


Our B2B platform, based on our signature Imperial system, has an exquisite engine, adapted to the individual needs of the customer. The platform we propose is an advanced system, integrating the systems your company already uses or introducing new solutions. The system improves business processes through the optimization of internal processes within your firm or with its partners and contractors. B2B type platforms can contain a number of elements connected to the presentation of information content management systems (CMS) are responsible for or customer relationship management (CRM) systems, responsible for contacting customers or business partners, and improve the internal process of your company, on-line sales, invoicing systems, etc.


The integration of a number of systems as a single whole improves the flow of information, improves its accumulation and supports their effective usage.


Going beyond market expectations, we created a system making management easier in your business and aiding communication at all levels. The platform contains functions essential to conducting sales in the Internet, a flexible structure allowing for the implementation of any individual solutions, supporting the exact needs of the clients. We have experience in designing, building and developing sales structures on the basis of B2B systems – and in a number of related business areas.

  • improve work effectiveness in your company, work time optimization,
  • integrate external systems,
  • support business partners (partner / loyalty / affiliate programs),
  • pricing, individual rebates, etc.,
  • store and analyze contractor and partner information,
  • improve work within the business (contracts / offers / reserving resources / etc.), heighten customer service quality,
  • document circulation and repository,
  • monitor employee work time,
  • manage everything from a single administration panel,
  • openness of system architecture to input in business formulae (e.g. editing contract conditions),
  • audio / video conferences with the possibility of screen sharing,
  • knowledge base,
  • data safety.

B2C sales platform

The B2C sales platform we offer emerged as a way to create new possibilities for your business to develop. The integration of systems and applications used within a firm allows data to be exchanged effectively, and the creation of B2C platform dedicated solutions supports the service of individual customers.


Through the standardization of business processes within your company, we can limit and offset your costs. The implemented system integrates various elements as a single, compact element, improving work and readying your business for development.


The implementation of the B2C platform gives you new possibilities, significantly widens the road to growth, increases effectiveness and thereby improves the brand's image.

  • intuitive, effective purchasing process,
  • intuitive administration panel,
  • a system adapted to individual needs with the ability to expand freely,
  • the integration of various business processes as one, compact system,
  • full integration of various applications and systems used in your business,
  • database integration,
  • system and data safety.