Company websites

We create professional tools representing your company on the web and letting your brand stand out. Our websites operate on our signature CMS system. It's not just an effective representation of your company that we're offering, but a multi-layered structure of information, communication, transactions, etc. The products we create for our customers become “the place to meet people”, are innovative, and stand out from countless others. Enhancing your website's image through the right technology will enhance the perception of your company. Websites stand for your company; take care of the way they look.

  • professionally present your company online
  • reach more customers
  • easy access to offers and information about your business
  • immediate contact
  • a modern / effective look
  • independent page content management (user-friendly Smart Imperial CMS or Imperial CMS for larger companies)
  • dedicated company website solutions (ex. access to invoices)

Web portals and services

The services offered by our company are adapted to current on-line market trends. The smart architecture of our content management systems (CMS) enables us to continually modernize and update them, always keeping your services at the highest level.

Portals and web services with their highly complex structure focus their resources on huge amounts of activity and information using the newest technology. In order to cope with the high expectations brought by complicated structures, we offer our high class, fully-automated and constantly improved Imperial CMS. Our system has already been implemented in a number of projects of this type, and, most importantly, has proven itself in use and administration.

In accepting a job, we approach its every stage professionally: together with the client we analyze the plan, come up with the objectives, help make the right technology choices and pick the best solutions. The finished project becomes a user-friendly tool fulfilling every norm, focusing users and creating micro- and macro-communities.

  • manage large amounts of information on our intuitive Imperial CMS
  • the carefully thought-through interface presents information in a pleasant way with quick access to a lot of information
  • the availability of a number of modules allows for quick development (easy to expand)
  • fully-automated sale of services (from putting up for sale to invoicing and integration with accounting)
  • web 2.0 portals – user-generated contents and virtual communities
  • social media integration
  • view information before its publication
  • distribute information management between teams (administrators / editors)
  • register changes in the system

Corporate web portals and services

During the creation or expansion of services, all kinds of which make up corporate portals, we are lead by our knowledge and experience. We trust in our products, thanks to which, implementing them, even in the most logistically extensive companies, we are sure of their reliability. The systems we offer are designed for development and the possibility of expanding them. Our Imperial system, which we propose in our cooperation, is the ideal tool for creating and later using portals and services. Our systems are completely flexible, we can expand a ready product for any given function at any time. At the desire of the customer, we'll create dedicated solutions, our greatest strength – we have yet to receive a project, an order that we haven't been able to complete. We implement individual ideas – we adapt the offer to the needs of the customer no problem. We are open to all types of new challenges!

  • access to corporate information for employees and selected persons,
  • manage large amounts of information - the intuitive Imperial CMS drag / drop
  • integration with existing external systems working within the corporation,
  • distribute information management for employees - partition (administrators / editors, any groups),
  • register changes within the system,
  • dedicated solutions (ex. employee accounts, employee groups), publication and sharing of information for certain groups,
  • easing communication withing the company,
  • high module availability, adapted to the needs of corporate services,
  • technical support.

Industry and advertisement web portals

Building portals focusing on a given subject, we have to prepare it for development, constantly adjusting it to the customers needs. In accepting an order from you, we implement it into the system, setting it up for constant progress through its expansion and endless updating to ever developing technology. The portals we create are grounded in the newest technologies. Our systems, with their success serving industry portals, are fully adaptable to the users, creating communities interested in a particular industry. The portals that emerge are completely intuitive for their administrators and users. In order to ensure success in the world of the Internet, besides the proposed technologies, we give it are all to ensure the graphic visualization fulfills all customer expectations.

  • communities gathering over a certain subject / industry ex. services related to the medical industry,
  • modules making sales services on a portal available ex. promotional advertizements, banners, company catalogues with on-line payment options as well as access to your business cards in the form of a subdomain ex.,
  • completely automatized sales services (from the offer to invoice generation and integration with accounting),
  • automatic information - autoresponders,
  • safety thanks to the application of SSL encoding of information
  • an optimal system allowing for the acceptance of a lot of users at one time (information caching systems).

City, state and government web portals

Let your government web portal thrive by basing it on proven and thriving technologies. Institutions set for modern progress should use only the best systems, making use of proven technologies, reliable in every situation and adaptable to all its clients. Agendo Sp. z o.o. supports institutions by conforming its standards to disabled people. Within our partnership we'll offer a system adequate for the specific requirements for state institutions and elastically match them to their specific plans. Our systems are an essential element helping in the management of a certain area and taking care of the flow of information and its problemless delivery.

  • Public Information Bulletins,
  • adapted for the disabled and blind according to the standards of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • monochronic (high-contrast) versions of pages for the visually impaired,
  • usage of keyboard navigation
  • functions allowing for the reading of text,
  • division of employees into groups - ability to divide information management between agency employees,
  • ease of searching for information,
  • management panel for all information available in the service - Imperial GOV system.