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In 2015 we undertook cooperation with the “Credo” company which resulted in yet another new implementation for us:


Promotional-Commercial Studio “Credo” was founed in 1996 and has been active ever since, specializing in providing educational materials to instructors, driver's license candidates and professional drivers.


The service is a reflection of the specifications of the company itself as well as the wide array of services offered by “Credo”. The website is founded on our signature Imperial CMS, guaranteeing full and complex content management in a simple and user-friendly manner.


Looking directly at the specific subsites we can find out about everything of interest to us not only to do with driver's education courses but also with the broadest road topics.


The site also becomes a place where services can advertise the best driver's ed schools throughout Poland, creating a companies catalogue. The content management system enables the independent addition of schools by their owners, while users utilizing the search module immediately gain a list of schools and services available on the subject in reference to the place given by them.


The service was equipped with a geolocation function – locating, after being granted permission by the user, the exact place the user is using the portal from.


The service directly creates the ability for interested persons to view solutions to driver's license tests on-line, to become familiarized with the possibility of taking courses at home through the e-learning method or to find out the current status of licenses and registrations awaiting delivery.


The service is equipped with a newsletter module, giving its administrators a number of possibilities especially in development and customer contact.


Sharing files to download also became a place created with customers in mind, providing necessary and useful documents in PDF form.


In the event of any sort of unclarity or even just the need for advice on driver's license, the service make a chat function available, thanks to which we can speak with a specialist on the particular subject.

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