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Dyckerhoff Poland, which belongs to the Buzzi Unicem Group, takes a leading position amongst the world's construction material manufacturers, offering a wide assortment of high quality cement, concrete and construction systems.


We created a refractory lining reporting system for the business; the goal of which was the improvement of inspection and management reports on industrial equipment refractory linings.


In developing the system, we relied on the visualization of large diameter industrial metallurgical furnace equipment, thanks to which viewing materials occurs in a very easy way with the help of dragging the mouse (drag & drop).


The management of refractory materials alone is very intuitive, you can add/remove/edit materials, and the ability to select color grants proper material identification in the reporting system.


A diagram emerges as the equipment works which can be viewed in detail with a section for subsequent years. The diagram also allow you to e.g. add elements of the report – this occurs by choosing the material or place where the given element has to be installed – or delete a given element.


The whole system is characterized by intuitiveness and straight-forwardness; it has a modern interface thanks to which lengthy training is unnecessary.


Agendo created a reporting system completely fulfilling all objectives and requirements and based on our signature Imperial system.

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