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Dedicated e-store for an expert in kitchen equipment

Treść projektu

Max Kuchnie is a network of over 300 kitchen furniture and AGD equipment studios, offering the ability to create a unique kitchen from scratch. It offers a wide array of i.a. high quality custom furniture, dedicated AGD equipment, modern lightning and floors, meeting the needs of even the most demanding customer.


Our project involved creating a dedicated e-store, a useful tool for both seller and buyer, with a high level UX/UI. The visual appearance of the site and location of specific categories is characterized by simplicity and clarity, thanks to which potential clients gain a quick view of products offered, available manufacturers and current promotions. Finding the right make or model of high class equipment requires only a few clicks. The “Promotions” and “Recommended products” tabs draw visitors’ attention and underline the site’s functionality.


The site gains useability through a dedicated solution, that is the creation and use of personal accounts, easily created after providing some basic information and registering. Consequently, it is possible to shop online by adding products to the basket, completing the order and transferring to payment.


Additionally, the project was equipped in a contact formula, enabling messaging, and a user-friendly option for driving directions, automatically sending users to Google Maps. An additional function is the ability to download the catalogue as a PDF with the up-to-date AGD offer.


The project constitutes a space for products and services related to kitchen furnishings, presenting practical ADG advice.


The design took advantage of responsiveness, or automated adaptation to the browser window size, enabling the site to adapt to various mobile devices.


The proposed contents architecture gains attractiveness through the use of contrasting colors combined with modern product photography, drawing the attention of users and elevating the aesthetics of the design. The project could not lack social media links, thanks to which the user stays up-to-day on all news.

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