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Educational institutional eServices

Treść projektu

The Gmina of Wielopole Skrzyńskie – a high class electronic platform for servicing educational institutions.


The Gmina of Wielopole Skrzyńskie is located in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship and numbers over 8,000 inhabitants. There are currently 8 educational institutions functioning within the territory of the Gmina, including elementary schools, a middle school and a pre-school. The “Digital Podkarpackie” program – co-financed with European Union funds – in which the Gmina participated, included introducing platforms for servicing educational institutions online and ensuring supportive server and wireless network infrastructure. Our cooperation involved designing a high class electronic platform.


The platform is an IT system providing educational institution services throughout the Gmina. The project included the Gmina’s purchase of supply and services as well as the conducting of a host of administrative training and sessions for teachers by Agendo.


The main aim of the cooperation was the digitalization of services and administrative work for educational institutions:

  • a priority was an e-register giving the ability to track academic progress, absences and changes in the class schedule;
  • a built-in messaging module improving communication between teachers, parents and administration. It saves time, providing guardians all necessary information in real time, adding to better control of pupils by the educational institutions within the Gmina;
  • automation and modernization in creating educational documentation, including the introduction of a host of modern e-register functions, replacing traditional class registers. This innovation allows, i.a. planning schedules for substitutes, intelligent completion of lesson subjects as well as the automation of such processes as the calculating of attendance and grade averages, and even issuing certificates;
  • easy archiving of data and counting behavior points.


The platform enables the grouping of a wide array of services offered by the Gmina, and above all transfers these services to a digital platform. To this aim, a number of very clear e-modules were designed and deployed, allowing the settling of a number of issues through the help of equipment with access to our platform, including:

  • e-recruitment (applications for school applications)
  • e-justification notes
  • e-recreation room (applications)
  • e-cafeteria
  • e-transportation
  • e-lease
  • e-grades
  • e-billing
  • e-calendar
  • e-lesson timetable


The complexity of this solution allows users to remotely use the public services of the Gmina related to education.


A major facilitation is the integration of the platform with popular payment services, enabling users the ability to quickly and easily pay the appropriate dues.


A key convenience is the joining of the platform with ePUAP, which enables the communication of citizens and business owners with public entities. This enabled the significant expansion of digital services offered by the Gmina with the submission of additional applications online and proof of identity. A range of modern functionalities were used in this project, including integration with electronic signatures and access to online documents.

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