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Treść projektu

GoBeauty – a wide range of modern cosmetic procedures with an online business card of our design.


GoBeauty is a modern cosmetic office offering comprehensive treatments for the face and body, including care, silhouette modeling and depilation, using the newest equipment and technology from the cosmetology industry.


Our cooperation involved the design of an attractive business card website, clearly presenting the wide range of services offered in the beauty industry. One of the basic elements of the project was the deployment of CMS, i.e. a system enabling the servicing of the site by anyone possessing even a basic understanding of computer skills. Consequently, the content of the site can be modified without the help of a programmer.


The project aimed for a balanced UX/UI level, ensuring users the optimal experience. The contents displayed were enriched with icons and links to social media, encouraging interaction. Intuitive navigation through the site is eased by the tiled layout of content, thanks to which the user has an easy view of the most important aspects – technology and services offered by the office. A mere single click enables the obtainment of detailed information on each treatment, including its duration, materials used and benefits. An additional functionality is the contact formula, streamlining contact with the office. Visitors also have easy access to the price-list.


Responsiveness was additionally taken into consideration, i.e. the automatic adjustment of the site to the size of the browser window, consequently enabling the adaptation to mobile devices.


The individual graphic design ideally offers the subtle character of the place, thanks to delicately chosen colors and the precise lay-out of content.

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