Infoloty - Time to fly at a low cost

A dedicated service for selling airline tickets

Treść projektu is a service enabling customers to reserve tickets with numerous transportation firms, as well as to book rooms at hotels anywhere in the world, and even to organize pickup at the airport or to rent a car. Customers may also choose to purchase travel insurance, an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) or a European Youth Card (EURO<26). This is a huge convenience for those of us who complain about not having enough time, because this site allows customers to take care of everything they need for business trips and vacations all without ever having to leave their homes – and all this in very attractive prices.


We created a number of tools in the service, allowing for easy payment, the making of reservations, purchases, etc. No customer will have any difficulty coping with these tasks as the flight and ride search system is legible and easy to use. The same thing goes for the reservation forms more and more customers are using.

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