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Service and development of the sales system

Treść projektu

Kernau is a dedicated sales service for RTV and household appliances implemented for the Galicja Tomaszek company. It was created to sell and promote the products of the Polish brand Kernau.


Gaicja Tomaszek commissioned us to operate and expand the platform. To this end, we started with visual works that were designed to raise the level of UX / UI, thanks to which the appropriate positioning of the elements on the home page allowed for a very intuitive way to go to products from individual categories, promotional and new products, as well as to the purchasing guide. .


In addition to the aforementioned visual changes, significant changes have been sewn up in the content management panel itself, which has been largely expanded by us, thanks to which it now gives the administrator much more possibilities when it comes to the scope of platform management, including by expanding the Rich Cards generation module and the Management module technologies.


Changes have also been made to the product card, where we have implemented the ability to display animations and add banners. An important update is also the integration with PAYu payments and with the Baselinker and systems. The shopping cart has also been modernized.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of SEO / SEM, we have adapted the entire website to the requirements of popular search engines.


Due to the fact that the activities carried out so far have led to the intended effects, the client decided to permanent cooperation on this project based on the technical support service, under which the platform is expanded each month with new functionalities and covered by the Service Level Guarantee. Agreement (SLA).

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