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Treść projektu

Magcosment is a multifaceted platform offering its users many possibilities. Thanks to the solutions introduced, we are able to take advantage of professional advice from a cosmetologist on-line and purchase original products all in one place.


Besides the beautiful graphics (change the background freely, matching its look to ex. the season) and variety of subjects offered, which are undeniably big strengths, the system is designed in such as way as to significantly make the work of its administrators easier and more enjoyable. A single management panel controls three different domains – integrating them shortens the time set aside for its management. Each of the domains has a system developed for its stated purpose: shopping platform, on-line consultation, page image.


The shopping platform creates a place where we cab choose the right product for us without a problem. This store stands out from among similar sales platforms – the precise description of each product and its ingredients deserves special attention along with the ability to consult about the product. We can also take advantage of the ability to share our opinion and write to the e-mail platform, leaving us a message in the interested subject.


On-line consultation is the perfect solution for people looking for professional and individual advice. Thanks to the introduction of on-line chat, everybody has the ability to personally speak with an experienced cosmetologist. Besides a consultant, taking advantage of the integration with the store, you can directly indicate the right product, chosen on the basis of your needs resulting from the converstaion.


Visually the site above all else serves the owners to present their goals and abilities, to introduced themselves and to attract new clients.


The sales platform was integrated with our signature invoicing system, allowing for automatic invoice generation, which prevents administrators having to be involved in the process. The invoicing system ensures access to current invoices in both the management panel and to the platform's shoppers.


Besides the aforementioned, the platform is integrated with on-line store Ceneo, Facebook and many advice and other types of articles. The platform was adapted to mobile devices, maintaining its original look and problem free functionality.


The service has both English and Polish language versions. Furthermore, integration with a currency converter automatically converts the product's given price into any currency.

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