Mrs. AGD

A dedicated AGD equipment configurator

Treść projektu

Mrs. AGD – an objective online configurator for home appliance equipment


Mrs. AGD is an internet portal, thanks to which visitors may view current market offers from producers of ADG equipment. It constitutes an objective configurator allowing the sorting of products quickly and clearly as well as the matching of them to the needs of even the most demanding customer.


The greatest challenge in this project was the creation of an expanded, yet exceptionally accessible configurator module for equipment. Using it is simple and saves users time by matching products to their needs without the need to leave home. In order to configure the tool, users need only answer a few precise questions regarding their equipment requirements provided by the portal. Using the configurator is intuitive as the user answers questions by clicking one of the given options, then moving forward to the next question regarding the planned purchase. Individual options are presented in the form of photographs, which underlines the high visual standard of the site. After finishing the configuration, the equipment modules matched to the potential client appear, as well as their price range. The site is equipped with a short instructional film, explaining the use of the search bar.


An interesting solution is its integration with the portal,, the largest price comparison site in Poland, enabling the configurator to download data in real time. The results of the search are therefore reliable and proven.


The portal’s attractiveness is increased by modern elements, such as the owner’s blog on the ADG industry and market news, a tab on current promotions in stores and the option of a newsletter. Additionally, users have the ability to use the shopping guide, containing practical tips useful before acquiring new equipment. Direct links to social media allow the tracking of updates.


User attention is drawn by its modern design, straightforward content layout and attractive video gallery. The project utilized SEO optimalization, enabling the service to reach a greater number of users through increased visibility in search engine results.

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