Podkarpackie.eu service

Promotional website for the Subcarpathian Voivodeship

Treść projektu

In 2019, we had the pleasure to create a web service promoting Subcarpathia, ordered by the Marshal’s Office. The premise of the project was the creation of informational sites based on CMS Wordpress according to the graphic concept presented by the Client.


The motive in accordance with WCAG 2.0 standards were adapted in order to ease use of the service by disabled individuals. The entirety of the motive is fully responsive, enabling it to work at all resolutions and on most popular browsers. The site also includes alternative visual versions created for special occasions, ex. holidays, mourning, etc.


Owing to our long-term experience with SEO / SEM, we adapted the whole service to the requirements of popular search engines, thanks to which specialized add-ons are available in the administration panel, enabling the optimalization of every article even by people unfamiliar with positioning.


Support for advanced photograph and multimedia film galleries and virtual walks were introduced. Complete integration with Instagram was added, thanks to which pictures on any page of the service can be displayed and sorted by a given hashtag.


A multilanguage system was deployed in order to enable the use of the service by people living outside of the Poland as well as those with poor knowledge of Polish, thanks to which service managers can create any number of language versions for each element of the site.


The whole podkarpackie.eu website conforms to all legal requirements related to cookies and the wide understanding of RODO.


In order to ensure security, automated password change procedures were implemented and necessary server protections were deployed, as well as motive and plugs to protect against most common attacks against Wordpress.


Specialized training with the Customer was completed upon conclusion of the project as part of website management for those with editorial or administrative access. Complete technical documentation was also provided.


After our company Agendo deployed the service, we continue to provide hosting, warranty help, and technical support for the service.

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