Stokrotka – nation-wide chain of stores

Integrated service platform for the Stokrotka service network

Treść projektu

Stokrotka Sp. z o.o. is a chain of supermarkets and general stores located throughout Poland. Founded in Lublin in 1994, the company celebrated the opening of its 500th store in Krzczonów in 2018. Stokrotka activated its own logistics network in 2013 in order to supply its stores. Stokrotka opened its first franchise that same year and, in 2017, it opened its first Stokrotka Express store in Lublin.


We began working on a project in 2017 to create a user-friendly internet service as a reflection of the company in the Internet and to act as its business card.


The basic premise was to create in internet platform enabling its expansion by a limitless number of services, where an integral part had to be a single, intuitive management panel. As a result, four separate services were created, all administrated from the same panel:




The entire platform operates on our original content management system with the ability to constantly develop new functionalities.



The service was equipped with a host of different functions making work easier for both users and administrators. The geolocation function indicates the nearest store in an area – if the portal user agrees to share his or her location.


The sales-flyer module, allowing users to view current deals at any time, was enriched with interesting add-ons – a magnifying glass allowing users to zoom-in on an image or a single click PDF downloader. The application form is a great solution for people interested in working with Stokrotka.


The project also included the creation of a precise, intuitive and integrated graphic.


The whole architecture of the service takes aspects of web usability into consideration – the overall look and prepared contents ensure user comfort.

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